A little history

Mom, Mommy, Momma, Mom, Mom, Mom……. HUNNY….. Miss Kim!! Mrs. Stumbo. Kim….

Those are just some of the names that I am called throughout any given day. I respond to all of them, though each with a different purpose. So you can clearly guess my name is Kim, last name Stumbo. I am the mother to 3 beautiful, bouncy, flouncy, fun, fun fun BOYS! Wife to an active duty Coast Guardsman {Coastie}, caregiver to my grandfather, along with various roles within my community; where I’m referred to as Miss Kim or Mrs. Stumbo. I prefer Miss Kim, less formal, plus everyone who knows me knows my sense of humor surrounding my last name…

Overall on paper I sound like your typical, mid 30’s wife and mom in suburbia. Reading this description of myself doesn’t feel like I’m giving you the whole picture. Here’s more to REALLY know what you are getting into…..

I am in fact in my mid 30’s, 35, to be exact, in a house with all males, LOL 3 of them are of my own creation, 1 I decided I would spend my life with, and one is the last man standing in regards to my immediate family {my grandfather}. I’m an only child, like my mom and grandfather. I lost my mom very unexpectedly when I was just 18 years old and in my 2nd semester of college. My father never remarried and he and I became even closer after loosing my mom. His health declined after my mom’s passing and I lost him in February 2016. At the age of just 33, I was without parents.

As far as my grandfather being the last man standing, that he is. My mom was his only daughter/child and I’m his only grandchild. My grandmother {Meemaw} was a second mother to me especially after my mom’s death in 2001. Meemaw was the one I leaned on for advice, whether it life or parenting, she loved my children as her own, and she made me feel like I was doing ok in life. I then lost her in 2014, on her 83rd birthday to be exact. She did this to spike me {joking}. I was about 4 months pregnant with my youngest son when she passed after a short battle with metastatic bone cancer. ¬†As I said my grandfather is now the last link to my immediate family and the life that I knew as a child.

Though loss seems to be a constant in my story, it isn’t all of it. This blog is here to share my experiences with you as a mom, a caregiver, a NICU mom {more on that later}, a medical professional, a business woman, and that of someone who has a limb difference, thus you have THE ONE ARM WONDERMOM. That’s me!