Woohoo! I’m excited to share with you my BRAND SPANKING NEW branding! Thank you Desiree Rose, Social Media Coach for my ah-mazing branding! She put into life what I only saw in my head. I’m so excited I could squeal! Actually, I did earlier when I first saw it…. Desiree is an extremely talented and patient woman, who can help anyone with their branding needs. Below you will find her link and please contact her for all your branding needs.

Why am I so excited about this? Over the past  year and a half I have learned that people, especially the newest generation are all into social media. When I was growing up in the 80’s and 90’s like any other 30 something, we only knew the people/brands from TV and radio. Now I did graduate in 2000, so I did have the internet and was one of the many, many teens that were in chatrooms  and on AIM; so I did get exposed to brands and such outside my direct marketing area. But now, wow, your everyday moms and dads are branding themselves. It’s a way to get your voice heard, your interests seen, to get people to “stop scrolling.”  So I jumped on the bandwagon so to speak….. I’m very glad I did, this branding really is nothing more than an extension of who I am. I am the one you see, not some fabricated personality, but me in a visual sense over social media.

I’m still so excited about all the beautiful things Desiree and her team created for me! Go check her out! Happy branding ❤

Desiree Rose, Social Media Coach

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