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Hey there! Welcome! I’m Kim, “The One Arm Wondermom” author, speaker and multi hat wearing lady! Let’s first address the elephant in the room…. Obviously I do have 1 arm, well TECHNICALLY 1 1/2 but that doesn’t flow as nicely.

I was born missing my right hand and forearm, no cool story, not that I can’t and haven’t told some tall tales for fun regarding where my arm went. During my 30 something years on this planet I have done everything I wanted to do regardless of my limb difference.  To include being the mom to my 3 handsome and busy boys who are currently 11, 7 and 5 years old! Busy doesn’t begin to cover what my life is!

 I published my first book  in 2018 and began speaking to various groups around the Hampton Roads area of Virginia where we currently live.  

Though, my whole life, I have been speaking and educating those I encounter during my daily life.

Take a look around my site to learn more about both my book and my speaking.

Speaking on Value

I am available for various speaking settings. Do you have a small group? A large group? A school or business? I can tailor my talks to your needs and that of your group.

Workshops and Education

I value shared experience, I value education, I value diversity. Due to these values I create a speaking platform where I can relate, educate and bring forth diversity when I’m speaking to any group. Yes, I speak on Limb Differences, but I also speak about acceptance, perception and understanding.

The Adventures of The One Arm Wondermom was published in March 2018. After a year or more, I honestly can’t remember, of procrastinating after the initial idea came to me, I finally got my book out there for the public. It is the first in the series where I share stories and outlook of those with “disabilities,” both visible and invisible, then use those perceived disadvantages as super powers!

My book is a great resource for school teachers and counselers when addressing differnces among students and is a tool for anti-bullying. “The Adventures of The One Arm Wondermom” is a great family story and is both entertaining and educational.

Book Review

“The Adventures of the One Arm Wondermom”, a powerful vehicle for change. The comic series is currently available for purchase on Amazon. It shines much needed light on limb differences and disability awareness. All of the book’s characters have differences or challenges that they morph into their own super powers. The series is geared toward elementary school aged children in hopes to bridge the gap between “normal” children and those with physical, mental or emotional challenges. Kim’s goal is to promote unity, acceptance, inclusion and tolerance.

Available on Amazon

Buy a copy on Amazon or at at of my speaking engagements.

Sample of Speaking

Good Girl Chronicles- Spark of Hope Storytelling Night

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Call To Arms- Lucky Fin Project

Take a moment to enjoy this amazing and powerful message set into action by the Lucky Fin Project, you will see just a sampling of our diverse and inclusive community. You may also see me...

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